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Tuesday, April 26th, 2016
9:27 pm
PAX East 2016 - A summary of prep and execution up through Thursday - the day before the show
Heyah, Friends!

I have thoughts about PAX and I feel like there’s more that I have to say than can fit in a Facebook post, so I’m dusting off my old LJ. Who knows, perhaps I will get back into the blogging spirit and update regularly again. (Back about a decade ago I used to blog daily but that kind of ended when I started the Movie a Day project and I never went back to it.)

This past weekend was PAX East 2016. Amanda and I have attended every PAX East so far so this was our 6th time at the convention and I wanted to take the time to review the event and my impressions of it.

This year, as I have for the last couple years, I attended as part of the Battleground Games and Hobbies team. Battleground has an enormous team made up of employees as well as volunteers who each year manage to make PAX a bigger and better event for hundreds of attendees who want to play board games, D&D, X-Wing Minis and such. Their booth is stocked with thousands of dice, games, RPG books, plushes and various sundries.

For me, PAX preparation really started about two weeks ago. Amanda has been prepping for her Fallout 4 Silver Shroud cosplay for a while so she’s been thinking about what she needed but we didn’t actually get around to getting most of the bits until the beginning of April. There have been periodic moments of activity over the past few months as we worked out hotel reservations (a whole post of its own there really) and set some groundwork but it wasn’t until she ordered her hat for the cosplay and we went to get fabric for her to sew a new collar for her trench coat that things really started to get real.

The games that the store was going to bring to the show to fill our booth started arriving for real on Thursday the 14th. Before we opened the door there was a delivery driver with two palettes of games from game distributor ACD that needed to be wheeled into the store and one more palette came from the distributor Alliance later in the day. My co-worker Brian spent most of the day moving all these boxes into our back gaming room where they took up pretty much the entire space. From there we had some volunteers who joined other employees in opening all the boxes and unpacking them so we could inventory to be sure everything we ordered had arrived.

Some of the boxes full of games for PAX East 2016 in our back gaming room at Battleground

My boss Derek, along with a small core team of dedicated people, spent most of the next three or four days inventorying all these games (as well as some we had already put aside large inventories of for the show earlier in the year and some smaller shipments that trickled in as the week went on) and re-packing them so they took up less space.

Amanda came in to the store with me on Saturday the 16th and spread out her trench coat so she could start the long and involved process of applying a silver collar to the existing coat. She had chosen to sew the fabric over the existing collar rather than building a silver collar and replacing it, but even so this involved tracing patterns, cutting out the pieces and assembling them then actually attaching them to the jacket. It was a lengthy process but the end effect was well worth it.

Amanda’s Silver Shroud cosplay

Over the next few days things slowly ratcheted up in stress. There were issues with hotel rooms, stress over Amanda’s cosplay, shopping trips for convention supplies and all the while I was still doing my regular shifts at work in the online fulfillment department at Battleground. Besides which, PAX is a huge thing that I dedicate most of the year to anticipating. As the week progressed I think both Amanda and I had more and more trouble sleeping because our minds were so constantly turning over every aspect of the con. The tension was building to unbearable levels until finally Thursday arrived!

We’ve been doing this for a while now so we have most of our prep stuff established and have somewhat of a PAX routine at this point. Amanda and I knew we’d be staying in a hotel room Thursday night through the con and through Sunday night - not leaving the city until Monday so we had some time to decompress. The big difference this year was that because I’m working now for Battleground and not for the Bank where I’ve been the last five years I couldn’t really take as much time off in the surrounding days. My plan for Thursday, therefore, was this:

- Go in to the store on Thursday morning and ship out any orders that posted Wednesday night. Because we knew the convention would eat most of the store’s resources we planned to shut off most online orders from Thursday through Sunday and turn them back on once PAX was over.

- Return home around noon, help Amanda finish packing then catch a cab into the city.

- Check in to our hotel room and drop off our bags, demo games, cosplay stuff and such.

- Head in to the convention hall to help build the Battleground booth.

This year Battleground had an almost identical space to the booth we had last year, which was forty square feet and open on one end. We brought more games than we had last year though, so we had to get more games into the same amount of space. It was a pretty big challenge, but I happen to enjoy that sort of challenge so I had a lot of fun putting things together. Amanda used both here elite Tetris skills and her Librarian knowledge to organize and cram more stuff on the shelves than should have been physically possible.

Once everything was set up I had a brief moment to head out and see what the show had to offer for me this year. It should be noted that PAX Prime - the big PAX convention that goes on in Seattle each year - now has an extra day for exhibitors so that people who are tied to a booth for most of the weekend have a chance to see the convention hall floor, but PAX East doesn’t have this yet so I had very limited time to experience much that wasn’t going on right around the Battleground booth.

I DID get a chance on Thursday night to try out the Oculus Rift VR headset. I had been worried going in to the show that I wouldn’t get a chance to try out any VR and made it my goal to try it as much as possible. Last year Oculus had a small floor presence and a four hour wait for a limited number of demos. Only after the show was over last year did I discover that the Elite Dangerous booth also had Oculus set up to demo their game in VR, so I missed my chance then.

I tried three games on the Oculus that night. I tried a driving simulator which I was pretty bad at (I think it was Project Carz but I could be wrong.) I tried a cute platformer called Lucky’s Tale. The game that really impressed me the most though, and the one I can’t wait to play again as soon as I get a Rift of my own, was Adr1ft.

Adr1ft is a game where you pretty much play Sandra Bullock’s character from Gravity. You are an astronaut in an EVA suit that you can use to jet around in with full freedom to pitch, roll and boost every which way. A disaster befalls the space station you’re on and you have to survive. The quick demo I played didn’t give you much detail on the plot but it DID give you a lot of time to appreciate being thrust into a fully immersive VR experience. As you tilt your head around you see everything from inside your space suit so if you look far enough down or to the sides you see the edges of your helmet. In the tutorial section you’re jetting around in and enclosed geodesic dome with a gorgeous view of the Earth outside the windows. It was breathtaking and awe inspiring. I didn’t want it to end.

I only experienced a brief moment of vertigo once when looking down at my feet and seeing the Earth spread out far below but that moment felt so right for the environment that it completely sold the game to me.

I understand that there was a mountain climbing demo being offered on the competing HTC Vive headset and although I have a horrible fear of heights (or perhaps because of it) I somewhat regret that I didn’t get a chance to try that out.

Once the booth was mostly done being set up Amanda and I went up to our hotel room to crash, filled with anticipation for the first day of the show.

I’ll post about that tomorrow.
Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
10:55 pm
So a while back I promised a post about the Escapist Expo which Amanda and I attended last month. And here it is! I've decided to write this post in the form of a series of links, so if you really want to understand what I'm talking about you'll have to do some clicking and watch some videos. It's worth it, I swear!

First of all, what is The Escapist and why was there an Expo in North Carolina? The Escapist is an awesome online entertainment site. It's the home of Zero Punctuation, which you've probably seen because it's a hilarious web series of hyper-kinetic and angry video game reviews. It also publishes several videos for our favorite online comedy troupe Loading Ready Run who run a weekly sketch comedy show as well as MST3K style viewings of game cinematics and improv inspired by strange news stories. What with all of that and also Movie Bob and Jim Sterling and funny editorials and such, well, I probably spend at least half an hour a day poking through what The Escapist has to offer.

The Escapist has a fairly large presence at PAX, since that is a gaming-related con and The Escapist is mostly game related as well, and this year the Powers That Be at the site (which I'm assuming is mostly the amazingly awesome Susan Arendt) decided to hold a convention of their own and bring all the various personalities of the web site together in Durham, North Carolina (where The Escapist has their offices.) Amanda and I could not turn down a chance to once again see some of the LRR folks and "Movie Bob" as well as getting to meet Jim Sterling and Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw in person. So we bought three day passes, booked a room in the hotel attached to the convention center and flew down to NC.

For a quick idea what the con was like watch this video. Yeah - it was kind of like that. Or you could watch this video which has both me and Amanda in it a couple times.

It was a weekend full of fantastic good times and stand out moments. Bob riffed MST3K style through a viewing of Flash Gordon out on the green at the tobacco campus. Amanda and I dropped in on a spur of the moment cube draft Magic the Gathering game wherein Amanda crafted one of the most powerful legacy decks ever conceived. We got things signed by multiple Escapist personalities. We spent a lot of time hanging out with cool people we knew from the Loading Ready Run forums.

Two particular parts of the con stand out as the absolute highlights:

Before everything got started - after we had checked into our hotel room on the Thursday before the con was scheduled to start - Amanda and I were wandering around and tweeting about seeing celebrities. like you do. And Jim Sterling tweeted back inviting us to hang out with him while he had dinner. Here's a guy who we've known only for his rants about issues in the games industry but whose opinion Amanda and I have come to respect quite a great deal, and we spent probably a half an hour just shooting the breeze with him. Amanda talked about how she has recently gotten into the world of First Person Shooters, which opens up huge realms of new games for her to play. We chatted about what it's like for him being someone transplanted from the UK to the deep south (he lives in Mississippi now.) Generally he was very cool to a pair of starry-eyed fans.

The second high-point of the con was the live concert on Saturday night by Gavin Dunn. Gavin makes music about games under the name of Miracle of Sound and I had only listened to a couple of his songs prior to the con (mostly because he had songs about Mass Effect, which is relevant to my interests.) The concert was absolutely awesome, and both Amanda and I danced like maniacs and had an amazing time. Subsequently we resolved to listen to everything Gavin had published, and I went over to his Bandcamp store and bought most of his songs. If nothing else I came away from the Expo with a whole bunch of awesome new music on my phone, which is something I really appreciate.

So, yeah, we had a really fantastic time. We're hoping there will be another con announced soon for next year, and I have made it my new life goal to work for Susan and get myself published on the Escapist. Who knows? maybe some day I'll be hosting a panel of my own at one of these cons. In the mean time I'm just having fun watching all these videos again.
Monday, November 5th, 2012
11:43 am
A series of unpleasant dreams
I woke up at three in the morning today feeling distinctly uncomfortable. After about half an hour on the bathroom floor I expelled the entire contents of my stomach into the toilet after which I tried unsuccessfully to wash the fruity taste of acidic bile out of my mouth and staggered back to bed. (My wife was very sympathetic and attentive - especially considering how unpleasant it must have been to be awoken at such an awful hour by the sound of retching from the other room.) I texted my manager saying that I would not be coming in to work today and collapsed into a fitful sleep from which I have only just awoken. I slept poorly, drifting in and out and never really being comfortable. Here is a sampling of the dreams I remember from the last eight hours:

That Amanda was sick as well and she had thrown up all over the rug in the bedroom and neither of us had the strength to clean it up.

That my manager had come in to my apartment to check on me and was letting customers in early because she had not set her clocks ahead.

That her boss, our district manager, was in my apartment and when I went to talk to her I neglected to put on any clothes, which was terribly embarrassing for both of us.

That I found a large stash of boxes full of Christmas presents from last year addressed to customers of my bank and delivered in error to my apartment because we had an ATM installed in our basement.

That the new associate who was supposed to start work today came over for dinner and was incredibly rude, deliberately dropping masses of cranberry sauce all over my mother-in-law's clean white tablecloth and then dumping the food on his plate onto the floor under the table.

That we had an entire shelf worth of manga here which i had never seen before. It was poorly alphabetized so I was organizing it by series title, but couldn't find the volume of Lone Wolf and Cub that I wanted to read. My wife's co-workers were aghast that we would have such lurid things in our home.

Something involving my sister loaning us cracked dishes and broken furniture and being upset with me when I returned it to her. It's fading now.

Anyhow, I'm mostly awake now. My throat hurts from the acid but at least my stomach seems mostly restful. I don't have the energy to get out of bed though and feel drained and worn out. Maybe I should dream some more.
Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
1:12 pm
I've been quiet for so long

Well I've been woefully uncommunicative of late. What have I been up to? Mostly gaming as usual. cut as usual for lengthCollapse )

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Thursday, August 9th, 2012
3:41 pm
Marian Call
So a while back my wife and I attended a Wootstock nerdish concert event on Halloween in Boston. It was every bit the spectacular and enjoyable thing we had been led to expect - with cast members of MST3K and Mythbusters on hand as well as many people in costume. (I dressed as Jamie Hyneman.) One of the greatest things to come out of the evening though was my discovery of nerd inspired folk singer Marian Call. She performed a couple songs, accompanying herself on typewriter, and instantly captured my heart. I bought a copy of one of her albums while I was there - and when her latest CD came out I snapped it up right away. Recently she has held a Kickstarter to send herself to the UK and Europe on a concert tour and I was more than happy to help fund it - especially since it got me download codes for a couple more albums of hers. The result has been that I've been listening to a whole lot of her music on my iPhone these past few days and it's made my whole week a better experience.

Her latest album, Something Fierce, in particular is filled with wonderful surprises. I fell head over heels for the opening track, Good Morning Moon, almost instantly. The third track on the album, Dear Mister Darcy, is probably my favorite with its infectious sound and fantastic lyrics. There are parts of that song that are so familiar to me - these are words from somebody who really understands what it is to be an introvert and a bit of a nerd and still want to connect with people. (It's a common theme in her music. Check out Whistle While You Wait, which appeared live in her Songs of the Month project and is presented in studio quality on this album.) The more I listen to the album though the more I find myself falling for some of the other tracks on it. Take the ethereal Aurora Borealis for example. It's a almost painfully beautiful lullaby for the whole planet that brings tears to my eyes. In general the whole second half of the album (I'm not sure since I have it on CD if it would be considered "side two" or a second record in a two record set) is a wonderful expression of Marian's love for her native Alaskan home - filled with humor but also filled with a wistful longing to return to a home she is often away from as she tours on the road.

I think part of what I find so appealing about both this album and Marian Call as an artist is how heart-breakingly open and honest her work feels. As I listen to her music I can't help feeling that I'm getting an intimate look at her very personal life, and she has a knack for writing songs that convey a emotions that I think most nerds and aspiring artists would be familiar with.

So thank you, Marian Call, for being out there. Have fun across the pond and I hope you come safely home with a wealth of new music.
Friday, July 27th, 2012
10:20 pm
A gun control proposal
So I have been thinking about the recent shooting rampage in Aurora, CO and how such a thing can be prevented. I do favor much more stringent gun control laws, but I honestly don't know if they would actually help in circumstances like this. Instead I think that the key is enforcement.

As I drove to work this morning I was contemplating what I would do if I were dictator and came to the conclusion that I would concentrate my energies on a massive sting operation. Set up a bunch of online vendors to sell arms on the black market and start files on everybody who uses them. Of course you don't want a "Fast and Furious" fiasco where the stuff from your sting is used to kill people - so the other aspect would be making sure the stuff you sell can't work. This would be obvious if you were selling defective guns - but what if you sold defective ammo instead. Insane shooters need to get their ammo somewhere, right? Let's start a huge operation selling dud ammo to anybody trying to evade restrictions. Then you can keep an eye on them, arrest them if they look like they're really prepping for a slaughter, and if they DO start shooting without previous indication they'll be shooting blanks. That's my thought.
Wednesday, July 4th, 2012
7:02 am
Why I couldn't sleep last night
Pitch for Simpsons Movie II: Simpsons Origins

Opening Credits:
A lonely Milhouse writes on the blackboard “I will not pretend I have a best friend” over and over
Sherri and Terri play a rebellious duet in the school orchestra
Marge Ziff-Bouvier sits alone in the Burns Memorial Casino pulling on a slot machine handle


I could not sleep last night because I was struck by an idea that I couldn’t stop thinking about. What would the world of Springfield be like if it were not for Homer? In a kind of twist on the “It’s a Wonderful Life” formula I spent hours thinking of ways that things would have been different - and the more I thought about it the more it sounded in my head like the ultimate Simpsons movie.

long movie plot summaryCollapse )

In my mind this movie already exists now. It was written by David X. Cohen and directed by Brad Bird. I just need to find a way to reach the universe where I can watch it.
Sunday, June 10th, 2012
8:04 pm
Thoughts on Prometheus
Went to see Prometheus in the theater today. I had been bracing myself for it to be pretty bad after seeing some disappointing reviews, but I actually quite liked it. It was exactly the movie I had been led to expect from the previews.

my spoiler filled thoughtsCollapse )
Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
5:03 pm
I'm a little shaken up
cut for many big picturesCollapse )

So, yeah, as I was driving home and the adrenalin began to wear off I started to feel a little shaken up. Not your usual day at work, that. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more calm. I'll just have to explain to every single person who comes in why there is all that plywood covering the front of the bank.
Sunday, May 6th, 2012
10:49 pm
Magic the Gathering
So back at the beginning of last month Amanda and I went to Pax East for the third time. This time around we didn't spend much time on the show floor and we only went to a few panels so we had an awful lot more free time during the convention. What we did with that free time was to get back into Magic the Gathering. Our favorite online comedy troupe has been doing some very funny things that relate to the venerable trading card game and we had fond memories of playing it back in the early nineties so we decided to get some cards and build some decks.

See this series produced by Loading Ready Run for the actual makers of Magic.

Over the course of the convention we bought a box of Dark Ascension boosters, one of the 2012 core set and one of Innistrad, as well as a couple pre-built starter decks. We spent hours opening all the boosters, sorting the cards and building rudimentary decks. It was enormous fun, and far more relaxing than our past Pax experiences had been.

Since then we have started going out to our local hobby store, Battleground Games in Abington, every weekend for "FNM" - the league sanctioned casual Friday Night Magic games. We've bought more cards, deck boxes, dice, and long boxes to hold all our cards. We've participated in drafts and in the pre-launch event for the new set of cards - Avacyn Restored. This last Friday I participated in a sealed deck tournament using the new Avacyn cards and actually didn't loose all of my games - which shows that I'm slowly improving. At the pre-release I won one of my four matches and got a draw on the second. Soon I'll start winning cards in these events I think.

Today Amanda and I build a spreadsheet to figure out what cards we were missing from the current "block" and it's looking good. We've even got some nice rare ones. I'm dying to try out my latest standard deck which I'm calling "Think it will work? (It would take a miracle.)" Magic players will get that. I'm even playing a little on Magic the Gathering Online - though the GUI can be a struggle to deal with sometimes.

I'm looking forward to a whole lot more Magic in my future. Thank you Wizards of the Coast and thank you Loading Ready Run.

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
5:06 pm
PAX checklist
Getting ready for PAX East 2012 today. I’m trying to organize myself and make a complete list of necessary supplies to get myself and my wife through the con with optimal enjoyment:

Badges (Yes, we DO need the stinkin’ badges!)
Lanyards adorned with many buttons

iPhone w/ charger x2
Laptop w/ charger x2
3DS, DSi, DS, GBA and GBA Micro - all with chargers and about fifty games.
PSP w/ charger
Pokewalker (amazingly it doesn’t need new batteries!)

Tabletop games:
Talisman w/ expansions
Kill Doctor Lucky

Card Games:
Harry Potter
Flux (Standard, Pirate and Zombie)

Clothing: (one set each for self and wife)
6 clean t-shirts (one per day plus spare)
6 pairs clean socks
multiple clean underwear
two pairs trousers
comfortable shoes for much walking

Hand sanitizer
Mini disposable toothbrushes (an absolute life-saver when you don’t have time to go back to your room)

Sewing kit
Hanar hat
Bottles for water
Energy bars
LOTS of cash
Credit cards and ID

What am I forgetting?

ETA: see this video.
Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
4:24 pm

I have been making an effort lately to be a little more health conscious in my diet. To this end I've been tweaking my regular lunches. I've tried the parfait cup and fruit cup from Panera and found that I don't need much more than a quick snack during my lunch break so a yogurt or fruit cup works fine. A couple days ago there was an article that circulated about a study that found elderly women who ate oranges or grapefruits experienced fewer strokes and I thought to myself "Well I'm neither elderly nor a woman, but I do like oranges and I don't want to have any stokes, so I may as well try having an orange for lunch."

I bought a bag of oranges at the supermarket and brought one to work for lunch today. As a lunch at work it was a bit of a
Mixed bag. I love how self contained it is as a foodstuff, coming in its own water tight wrapper as it does. On the other hand peeling and eating the fruit was a gruesome and messy task that left my hands smelling citrusy all afternoon (even after I had washed them twice.) At least I had the foresight to bring several paper towels along with the orange.

I think next week, once I've consumed all the oranges in this bag, I'll try bananas. They're less messy and I could probably use the potassium.

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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
10:36 pm
New games!
It feels like it's been a long dry season with not too many new game releases to get excited about. As usual I've gone from famine to feast with four new games to occupy my time in just the last day.

For my 3DS I downloaded a couple games that I'm enjoying enormously. I have Zen Pinball, which delights me with its video pinball tables. I also have Pushmo, with its many brain twisting puzzles. Both are worth far more than the $7 or so I spent on them. Sometimes it feels like a crime how cheap downloadable games are.

In the realm of boxed games bought at retail (and yes, such a thing does still exist in 2012) I wandered over to Gamestop this afternoon after a very stressful day at work and grabbed a third 3DS game - Resident Evil Revelations - and a local game developed by a software studio funded by a retired baseball player. I probably never would have picked up Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning if it had not been touted with such high praise by the writers of Penny Arcade, but when they both get excited by a game it tends to raise my anticipation levels.

So, yeah. If I seem more out of touch than usual in the next few days it's because I'm digesting all these fun little nuggets. Now back to Amalur!
Monday, February 6th, 2012
4:42 pm
The Puppy Bowl

The puppy bowl is getting too commercial.

cut as usual for lengthCollapse )

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Sunday, February 5th, 2012
6:13 pm
Not watching any sports today
There's a big important championship football game on TV today (better known for the expensive advertisements that play during the event an occasional scandals related to the half-time show.) My wife and I, however, are not among the millions watching that game, those ads or that show. This is even more of a scandal because our local sports team is one of the two that made it to this game.

The fact is that neither of us have ever cared for team sports, either as contestants or as spectators. So we're comfortably staying home and watching Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl" which is far more relevant to our interests. We carefully planned so that we would not be on the road with fans of the sporting event. We bought lentils last night and made a comforting lentil stew, and have been snug in our apartment. Altogether a very nice day.

The one slight glitch is that a friend we had planned to share the day with is feeling under the weather. Get well, A, we missed you muchly! Now for more video games, puppies and lentils.
Friday, February 3rd, 2012
5:46 pm

Some thoughts on video game achievements.

cut as usual for lengthCollapse )

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Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
4:56 pm
Writing a Constitution of my own

I am always annoyed by the implication that the US founding fathers and authors of the United States Constitution were somehow wiser or more perfect people than those of today. It cannot be denied that they were more philosophers than politicians - they were radical revolutionaries after all - but nothing in the water (or ale more likely) in New England in the 1700s made for greater minds. With the added perspective of more than 200 years of watching the government they founded muddle along I'd like to propose that there are a lot of improvements that could be made to that founding document. This post is the first of what I hope will be several that explore changes I would make if I were "in charge."

cut as usual for lengthCollapse )

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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
5:28 pm
Gaming update

Time, I think, for a video gaming update.

cut for lengthCollapse )

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
8:27 am
The Symphony

I really need to get back in the habit of posting to my LJ. It's been months, and I keep thinking of things I should be recording but somehow those thoughts never seem to make it as far as the 'net. Sometimes I debate with myself as to whether a thought can be said to have actually existed if it is not ever communicated - but that's a post for another day. Today I want to talk about the symphony.

My wife and I have enjoyed this last year or so attending the symphony about once a month in Boston. We've been going to the Handel and Hayden Society performances in Symphony hall, and there have been a couple that have been great fun, but the one we attended one week ago Sunday was truly outstanding. It was a performance that concluded with Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and the principal violinist (on her first outing as concert master) was absolutely astonishing. I've been meaning to write about her and the concert all week and just never seemed to get to it. Aisslinn Nosky is not just a great violinist, but is a spectacular performer and a joy to watch. She grabs your attention with her outrageous (for the symphony at least) style - for this performance her shock of red hair was complemented by a wide lapeled tuxedo jacket with snazzy tails and light grey highlights - and her obvious passion for the music is conveyed by an almost dance-like movement as she plays. This was not the most technical or precise performance of the complex solos in Vivaldi's ubiquitous master work, but it was by far the most captivating. Aisslonn ATTACKED the solos. At times it felt as though she was almost playfully extemporizing on them, transforming them as she performed. Some sections she blazed through with such intensity that I thought her violin would burst into flame, others she toyed with, at one point drawing chuckles from the audience. It was mesmerizing and fascinating and something I think I will not soon forget.

I wonder if the Society will release a recording of it? Or would that rob it of its raw spontaneity? I would dearly love to experience it again.

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Thursday, September 8th, 2011
4:49 pm
The agony of impatience

I've been checking the Apple App Store every couple hours or so the last couple days impatiently waiting for Jeff Minter's new game to arrive so I can buy it. Imagine my joy when I checked OpenFeint (the service his iOS games use for online high score tables) and saw that the Yak himself was actively playing GoatUp RIGHT NOW! Then imagine my agony when I tried to buy the game through OpenFeint only to get an error from the App Store saying my request could not be processed.

Frowney face.

It just goes to show how supremely spoiled I have become. I remember playing an early demo of Defender 2000 that somebody once brought to a Jaguar event I hosted in my apartment back in the nineties. Back then I had to wait months before the game was finalized and manufactured for retail before I could buy it. Now here we are living in a thrilling future when we already have three new Llamasoft games released in less than a year and it feels like pure torture to wait two days for a new one to show up in the App Store after Jeff has completed it.

Oh, well. I guess I'll just play a couple more rounds of Minotron while I wait.

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